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Cybersecurity is the process and practice of using technology designed to protect computer systems, networks, programs and data from unintended or unauthorized access, damage or destruction. Our daily lives, economic vitality and national security depend on a safe and secure cyberspace. Cyberspace is unregulated and cybercrimes are increasingly simple and inexpensive to execute. Cybercriminals exist globally and often evade capture after a successful cyber attack and potentially crippling their intended target. To avoid security vulnerabilities and major business interruptions, it is recommended that business owners of all industries invest in enhancing their cyber intelligence programs or implement one. Allow JuvinTech the opportunity to recommend and implement a successful solution to your cybersecurity challenges.

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Is Your Business At Risk?

270x165As we collect process and store    confidential information on computer networks, we increase the vulnerability of having cyber criminals invade these computer systems. We have seen such increase over the recent years. Cybercriminals are highly skilled and they are looking to invade and penetrate systems that are less secure.  Cybercrime is a big business today.  In recent data breaches, companies spent hundreds of millions to tie up loose ends resulting from cyber-attacks.  These attacks are growing in sophistication and computer systems require ongoing security safeguards in order to protect and secure sensitive business and personal data.  How can you be confident that your network is secure?  Regulatory requirements have been put in place by the financial services and healthcare industries to protect against cybercrimes and to protect confidential personal information.  How can these breaches still happen and how can you protect your business from these attacks which can originate from international countries?

How Can We Help?


With Cybercrime costing billions   annually, the need to secure your business is NOW. JuvinTech offers advanced cybersecurity capabilities through our partner programs.  We can customize a solution that will detect and alleviate cybersecurity threats that can cost your company millions.  These solutions include real-time monitoring of your network, active threat protection and continuous vulnerability assessment.  Cybercrimes and threats have evolved from viruses and malware to malicious code and now to identity and data theft.  Don’t risk your business and peace of mind.  Learn how you can protect your business now and in the future with one of JuvinTech’ s continuous cybersecurity monitoring systems.

What Are Current Trends?

270x165_3It is not a secret that we have seen an exponential increase in computer data breach such as politically motivated attacks, zero-days and targeted malware attacks.  The truth is that no one is immune; financial services firms, health care, government agencies and many more all share a bitter taste of possible cyber attacks.  Vital e-commerce protocols and applications failed, because of poor coding techniques creating worldwide mayhem and havoc in the form of Shellshock, Heartbleed and others. Various systems stood defenseless in the face of fierce criminal attackers, leveraging technological weaknesses for personal or political motivated gain.  “Despite this defensive stance, cyber attacks have increased in both magnitude and frequency, where requirements for the offensive are inevitable.”  Current cyber attacks target specific individuals and organizations to gather and steal sensitive data. They use various vectors including web, email, and malicious files, and then dynamically adapt to exploit zero-day and other network vulnerabilities.

Advanced cyber attacks succeed because they are strategically planned, methodical, and patient. Malware used in such attacks:

Remain dormant into a system

Attempts to hide

Seeks out network vulnerabilities and loopholes

Neutralize network security measures

Transmit to more endpoints and other devices

Calls back to command-and-control (CnC) servers

Pauses for instructions to start extracting data from the network


Intrusion detection and prevention of targeted attacks with our next generation UTM firewalls.


Proactively reduce the risks of potential exploits and prevent IT security vulnerabilities.


Critical regulatory examination and assessment materials through our partner programs.


Virus, malware, social media and rogue application filters. Encrypt and secure data over it's entire lifecycle.



Suffered a data breach?

By the time most organizations realize they've suffered a data breach, they have actually been under attack for weeks, months, or even years. Most traditional defense-in-depth cyber security measures, such as antivirus or next-generation firewalls, fail to use signature- and pattern-based techniques to detect threats, and don't monitor malware call backs to CnC servers.



Cyber attacks take many forms.

Advanced cyber attacks take many forms, including virus, Trojan, spyware, rootkit, spear phishing, malicious email attachment, and drive-by download. To properly protect against these attacks, defenses must monitor the entire life cycle of the attack, from delivery, to call backs and inspection, to data exfiltration.



Defend and Respond against Cyber attacks.

With our Adaptive Defense partner programs, JuvinTech solutions monitors the entire life cycle of advanced attacks to help organizations detect, analyze, and respond to cyber attacks.