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JuvinTech’s high performance and secure cloud solutions is a popular option for companies who want to own, consolidate and retain full control over their infrastructure as well as the flexibility of personalization.  When customers choose JuvinTech to manage and host their systems, they take advantage of the significant capital investments and advantages that our outsourced facilities and infrastructure offer, such as optimized and fully managed network connectivity, supported by engineers, the same engineers that helped design and build the network.  This synergy delivers the quality and robustness that constantly outperforms our competition who will either leave network choices and management to the customer or rely on inexperienced support staff. JuvinTech provides rock-solid Cloud Solutions to help your business grow and keep up with the fast growing pace of technology. We offer a complete range of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. Choose from Hosted Exchange, Offsite Backup, Message Archiving, Cloud Security, Cloud Storage and many more.


Our Private Cloud.

JuvinTech private cloud solution offers beyond cloud, we help organizations drive innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, lowering costs, and reducing IT complexity.  High availability applications and services.  Unified management platform such as VMWare or Microsoft HyperV solutions.  Improve efficiency and business agility, control costs with reduced CapEx and OpEx and push beyond the traditional datacenter by virtualizing your entire IT infrastructure.


Merge Your Datacenter.

Complement you existing datacenter with our hybrid cloud solution.  Fast provisioning and deploymet of application and workloads between your on-site datacenter and/or private cloud to the public cloud.  Reduce risks and costs by using our secure and dedicated cloud platform.  Seamlessly utilize state of the art infrastructure and facilities without the high CapEx.


Cloud Myths.

JuvinTech offers industry wide public cloud solutions to meet the unique challenges of your everyday workloads. The public cloud solution offers scalable, high availability and transparent computing resources at your fingertips.  Move your existing infrastructure in the cloud or just simply utilize the cloud for your test and development environments.  It’s simple as creating and configuring all your services by utilizing an intuitive, secure web-based interface.  Ideal for software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (Iaas) type implementations.

Your Easy & Simple Path To The Cloud!

Unprecedented functionality and control, backed by industry-leading cloud platforms.

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